Energy Competence – Marketplace for Energy and the Environment

ENAK – the association that promotes the energy quality of commercial appliances for hotels and catering, including the communal catering sector, is setting up a marketplace at Igeho. This will be providing ideas, information and inspiration on the subject of energy.


We develop your potential

Imparting knowledge and developing potential: that is what ENAK will be doing at Igeho. A marketplace is intended to serve as an information platform where people can pool their ideas, allowing visitors to benefit from the experiences of others. It is not just technical issues that will be covered here but the right choice of equipment too, along with the efficient use of appliances and optimized work processes. Different actors from the energy sector will be providing exhibition visitors, in just a short space of time, with valuable information on the energy-efficient deployment of installations and appliances.

Meeting point: energy filling station

Questions relating to energy efficiency will be depicted in a vivid manner on the different market stands. Users from the catering and hotel sectors can obtain both a general overview and detailed information on specific issues on the lively marketplace. The energy filling station constitutes the main meeting point. This brings interested parties together for exciting conversations, lively discussions and new approaches to solutions in matters of energy and ecology.div>
To ensure that visitors can top up their personal energy too, drinks and small “energy bites” will be available.

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ENAK for Energy Efficiency in Hotels and Catering

For more than 20 years, this association has been committed to energy issues relating to the use of energy in catering and hotels – with the focus on practical application.

BKW Energie AG

We make a key contribution to energy efficiency and assume social responsibility for the environment. Benefit from simple and inexpensive formulae for optimising your operation.

PEIK + Energie Schweiz

PEIK energy consultants can provide you with decisive support in the implementation of your projects – this is the SME platform for energy efficiency

EWZ – energy solutions and grants

We accompany you in achieving your energy efficiency target. In so doing, we can analyse your operation, support you in your use of appliances and equipment and provide you with information on the financial grants that are available for new acquisitions.

FCSI Schweiz

Saving energy starts at the planning phase: a profitable kitchen stands out through having its energy incorporated in the overall catering concept too. Pay us a visit and let us advise you!


We support programmes and projects that reduce electricity consumption: let’s invest jointly in the efficient use of electricity! We’ll show you how to benefit from the best products.

SV Group Schweiz with ONE TWO WE

The sustainability programme of SV Group Schweiz is reducing the burden placed on the environment by SV restaurants in respect of the range of foods offered and also their purchasing, operation and logistics. Find out about our experiences and best-practice examples for energy efficiency.

The website helps you select energy-efficient products.


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