Engage in active visitor marketing

You can only attain goals that you actually set for yourself. Send your customers a specific invitation to Igeho. Emphasise the benefits that they will derive from visiting your exhibition stand. Our admission vouchers provide an easy way of doing this.

Invitation management

Sending out a personal e-mail or a newsletter will ensure that you land directly in your recipient's mailbox. Use this effective means of communication and invite your customers to Igeho enclosing an electronic ticket code. Send them the code together with a link to the ticket shop. As of August 2019, your guests will then be able to generate and print out or download their day tickets to a smartphone with just a few clicks.

Would you like printed vouchers for day tickets, printed matter, adverts and PR, a personalised Igeho banner or advertising space on the exhibition site? We can offer you materials and options for all the different communication channels. Use the full potential of visitor marketing. It will certainly be worthwhile!

Ticketing management tool

Our ticketing management tool allows you to administer all the tasks relating to tickets, vouchers and exhibitor admissions at a single point. As an exhibitor, you will receive your personal login details in spring 2019.