Spa Competence – show people what relaxation means!

Wellbeing, fitness and spas are gaining increasing importance in all the different hotel categories. Showcase your recipes for success at Igeho and set yourself apart as a competent supplier.

“Spa Competence” offers you numerous advantages: This special presentation area is located in an excellent position in the restaurant and hotel equipment section, allowing you to address expert decision-makers from the hotel industry in a targeted manner. The integral communal zone provides the perfect setting for your products and services and enables you to conduct quality customer talks in a conducive environment.

Benefit from these advantages and order the all-inclusive “Spa Competence” package for only CHF 7945.–. The Igeho team will deal personally with all your concerns.

NB: All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Competence Spa
Competence Spa
Spa Competence
Spa Competence

The “Spa Competence” package includes:

  • A 9 m2 row stand with a rear wall of 5 running metres, carpeting, lighting, inscription of stand space, 1 socket 230 V/10 A/2.3 kW (incl. electricity consumption), basic cleaning and daily stand cleaning, 1 table and 3 stools
  • Pro-rata exhibition space in the communal zone for highlighting your products and services
  • Compulsory basic entry in the online exhibitor directory, worth CHF 910.–
  • 50 online voucher codes for visitor admissions (day tickets), excluding redemption costs (price per redeemed ticket: CHF 12.95)
  • Compulsory insurance
  • 4 exhibitor tickets