Advertising options

Boost your exhibition presence through accompanying advertising measures: present your company, products and innovations prominently in the online exhibitor directory, ensuring that you will be found more easily. Book an advert in the Igeho Magazine or an advertising surface on the exhibition site and achieve additional visibility amongst your core target group without any scatter loss.

Are you interested in alternative forms of advertising, such as online advertising or app sponsoring? Then, get in touch with the Igeho Team.

Note: all prices are exclusive added tax.

Your entry in the online exhibitor directory

Basic Advertising package

Prices in CHF

Compulsory entry in the online exhibitor directory (desktop/mobile) 910.–

Advertising package Plus

An extension of your basic entry plus optimum visibility for your new product + 990.– (cumulated costs incl. Basic package: 1900.–)

Advertising package Logo

Best possible logo presence on all channels + 1350.– (cumulated costs incl. Basic package: 2260.–)

Advertising package Gold

Maximum visibility on all channels (incl. Basic package) 3280.–

Take out an advert in the Igeho Magazine

Advertise your Igeho presence in the official exhibition publication. The Igeho Magazine is addressed to decision-makers in the hospitality sector. Approximately 80% of the print run (45 000) is distributed before the exhibition by partners, industry associations and the exhibition management. The remaining copies are placed at highly-frequented points of the exhibition halls for interested visitors to take.

Format (inside page, 4-colour)

Prices in CHF

1/1 page CHF 4850.–
1/2 page CHF 2850.–
1/4 page CHF 1500.–

Igeho EcoCircle – a symbol of sustainability

The green EcoCircle is a quality label and shows that you believe in making a commitment to sustainability. And even more than that: When you purchase the Igeho EcoCircle, you automatically donate a sum of money to the SapoCycle Foundation, which makes life-saving products from discarded hotel soap. And, with your EcoCircle, you will make a positive impact in all the exhibitor directories and hall plans, and in the Igeho Magazine.

Cost split

Prices in CHF

Total 590.–
donated to SapoCycle 300.–
used to cover costs 290.–

Branding package online ticket shop and online tickets

Benefit from the effective new branding opportunities before and during the exhibition. Visitors will see your advertising/logo in the online ticket shop and also on the ticket as soon as they register in the ticket shop with your invitation.


Price in CHF

On demand; to be delivered in German and French CHF 1750.–

Sponsored post on Igeho's social media channels

Your sponsored post with text and photo will be placed on Igeho's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). In total these count around 5000 followers.


Price in CHF

On demand; to be delivered in German CHF 750.–

Banner in the Igeho Newsletter

Your banner ad will be placed in an Igeho visitor newsletter with around 50 000 recipients. Only one banner per newsletter can be awarded (limited to 7 pieces). Placement after order entry.


Price in CHF

600 x 120–220 px; to be delivered in German and French CHF 1900.–

Advertising surfaces on-site

You will find further attractive advertising options for skilfully highlighting your brand here.

Planning the exhibition