Food Truck Festival – long live contemporary street food

Are you a fan of eating and drinking outdoors too? A holiday mood and a feeling of leisure rapidly set in under the open sky. Street food is now more popular than ever before, with Street Food Festivals all the rage. Mobile food stands are a regular sight on the streets and at markets. Long queues frequently form at lunch time, but the hungry customers all wait patiently in line, in eager anticipation of their favourite food.


Take a look behind the counter

The makers of food trucks are being overwhelmed by orders. An increasing number of street food friends – including restaurant owners – are venturing to make this worthwhile investment. With a food truck fitted out to match their specific requirements, they can position themselves easily and rapidly at precisely the point where their customers happen to be. Don't miss the opportunity to examine the insides of a food truck at Igeho. Discuss matters with the food truck professionals and benefit from their competence at the trade fair.

Fancy some street eats?

You will find the trendy food trucks in full operation in Hall 1.0 North. A wide variety of different cuisines await exhibitors and visitors alike, allowing them to indulge in the street food of their choice. On the menu are curried sausage, burgers, pasta, soft ice and coffee. Bon appetit!

Additional highlights