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Hospitality and tourism are closely associated with trends. And now it is a matter of skilfully combining the spirit of the times with tradition. The challenges are not only technological but also human in nature. Because the greater the degree of technology involved, the more humaneness and empathy that are required. This is where your opportunity lies! Benefit from the experience, success and findings of the experts. Meet up with industry colleagues for a networking lunch, or at the after-fair show programme. The Igeho Campus was set up in 2015 as a platform for interaction and motivation, and is aimed at experts from the hotel, catering, take-away and care sectors.


Archive of topics 2017

Can Switzerland survive as an Island?

A lack of snow and the strong Swiss franc are making life difficult for Switzerland. For you too? But tourism is still happening. People love to travel. But where to? Switzerland is a small and delightful country, and one of the world’s most sustainable destinations. Strong points that, acting together, we must strengthen still further. A challenge for the entire sector, including business and politics. In the political talks, people think out loud, engage in heated discussions and stage future-oriented debates.

What Hotels are all about today

Innovative concepts, customer-friendly technologies, modern design and progressive service – the hotel of the future is keeping the experts on their toes. Much time is being spent on analysing, researching and studying. Is it all just theory? Far from it! The “Future Hotel” – from the luxury resort through to Airbnb – has already become reality. Find out live what visionary investors, courageous hotel managers and Nicole Brandes, the international management coach, author and future thinker for business, have to say about this.

Talents for the Swiss restaurant and hotel scene

Do you regard your employees as a resource or do you recognise their potential? Leadership is a service, as Bodo Janssen knows from his own experience. With Upstalsboom, he lives out “value creation through appreciation”. “Generation Y: Check-in!” calls Ali Mahlodji and, as the chief storyteller from whatchado, explains what is important at a time when the world is undergoing rapid change. He should know all about this as the EU Youth Ambassador and EU Ambassador of the New Narrative.

Branding and marketing: advertising yourself well is (almost) all that's required

Veit Etzold’s formula is Strategy + Story = Implementation The thriller bestselling author and expert in strategy and storytelling uses digital storytelling as a marketing instrument. For Martin Hoch from GlobeSession and Dimitri Burkhard from Newly Swissed, it is a matter of content marketing too. Both are editors-in-chief, trendsetters and nature lovers and, with their online travel and culture magazine, pursue successful influencer marketing.

Fit for the digital revolution

Customers and guests are increasingly researching, purchasing and making bookings online. Make sure that you, too, exploit the potential of these channels! Get fit, make your presence felt and reach out to your guests on a virtual basis at an early stage. But what does the guest really want to see? What are their wishes and expectations? What is important for the employees? Where can a hotel operation be optimised? The Schani Hotel in Vienna counts as an ideal example of a future hotel. Hotel manager Benedikt Komarek lets you into the secrets and conveys the spirit of the Schani to you.

Are you familiar with the mobile waiter?

Let me introduce myself. My name is smartphone. Your smartphone. In restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels, you can readily place your order, plus any follow-up orders and also pay your bill using me. Karl Heinz Koch and his MENU Technologies AG are the people behind the mobile waiter. A curse or a blessing? Thanks to smartphones, apps and websites, the sharing economy has now become one of the latest trends. Sarah Jordi, Senior Marketing Manager at Uber, sees major opportunities here.

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