Igeho U21 – the programme for next-generation professionals

Visual learning par excellence. Live at Igeho. We serve up the hospitality industry to you and your students on a silver platter. Star chefs in the flesh, hotel gurus in a talkative mood, attractive special shows and captivating exhibitors. An experience that's guaranteed to make a lasting impression. It's no wonder that some 4000 students undertake class excursions to Basel and pay a visit to Igeho. Will you be coming too?

Igeho U21
Igeho U21
Igeho U21
Igeho U21

A hotel and restaurant challenge

It's the wild youth of today who will be determining the image and importance of the restaurant and hotel trade of tomorrow. Because they hold the future in their hands – while we hold it close to our hearts. This is why Igeho, together with the Hotel & Gastro Union, hotelleriesuisse and GastroSuisse, is showing its commitment to next-generation industry professionals by staging a U21 student programme once again. The details are work-in-progress will be communicated later.

Restaurant CH – where the chefs of the future wield the ladle

A happening that's not to be missed. Under the auspices of the Belvoir Park Hotel and Restaurant Management School 15 students will be turning their vision of an innovative and creative restaurant into reality. Just before they finish their course, these young professionals will be highlighting their talents and skills in the kitchen and in their service at table. Let your young talents get their first taste of the profession and take a look over the shoulders of their peers.

Igeho Campus – intellectual nourishment and earthly delicacies

Benefit with your students from other people's experiences and success stories in the hotel, restaurant and care sectors. Gripping speakers and lateral thinkers await you, including Bodo Janssen, Ali Mahlodji, Veit Etzold, Marco Nussbaum, Nicole Brandes, Oliver Leisse, Martin Hoch, Meta Hiltebrand, Richard Kägi or Karl Heinz Koch.

No queues for U21 – a special Igeho entrance

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 am to 12 am, a special entrance will be open on Isteinerstrasse for all the classes that have registered. On all other times and days, classes should use the main entrance. The admission fee is 12 Swiss francs per student.